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SmartCodeDeveloper 4.82

SmartCodeDeveloper 4.82: Add professional quality barcodes to .NET applications and Reporting Services. barcodes. Specifications: Drag and drop functionality. 100% .Net Managed code (.NET Framework 2.0 Ready). Support all common industry barcodes. Automatic barcode scanning adherence sizing. Can be used as a DLL without being loaded on a form. Flexible sizing options. Complete UCC/EAN 128 Support - All Application Identifiers. Checksum options - checksum characters may be enabled or disabled in the barcode. Text Alignment and Distance. Bearers Bar -

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Barcode Reporting with PEERNET Reports 2.5

PEERNET Reports is a WYSIWYG desktop barcode, reporting, and labeling solution with exclusive support for barcodes built-in allowing you to create any report or label (with or without barcodes). PEERNET`s barcode, reporting and labeling solution plays a pivotal role in ERP, quotation, ticketing, warehousing, shipping, stores, manufacturing, identification, banking, postal systems or any other system where bar codes are critical to success.

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SmartCodeWebControl 2.9: Add professional quality barcodes to ASP.Net applications
SmartCodeWebControl 2.9

barcodes Automatic barcode scanning adherence sizing Flexible sizing options Complete UCC/EAN 128 Support - Support for all industry Application Identifiers Checksum options - checksum characters can be enabled or disabled in the barcode Text alignment Text distance Barcode Rotation Bearers Bar - Rectangle/Top Bottom bars with Quiet Zone and Bar Thickness support UPC Extensions - Automatic Extension 2 and Extension 5 support Automatic Thermal Printer

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Coupon Codes Toolbar 1.0: Install the Coupon Codes toolbar to save money at online stores.
Coupon Codes Toolbar 1.0

bar for Internet Explorer. With our toolbar you will have access to the latest coupon codes and promotion codes for hundreds of online stores. Our toolbar is "Virus-Free" and "Spyware-Free" and unlike similar toolbars, we do not monitor the websites you are visiting. Our toolbar simply sits on your browser ready for you to use, when YOU decide to use it. When you want to check for available coupon codes, click on the toolbar`s drop-down box and click

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SmartCodeComponent 4.22: Add professional quality barcodes to documents like Word and Excel.
SmartCodeComponent 4.22

bar code properties, such as bar code height, bar width, barcode type and bar code orientation. Your desired bar codes will be generated automatically. SmartCodeComponent exposes a full range of barcode properties and allows precise control over barcode dimensions. The font for the human readable text is customizable, and support for various barstyles allow the text to be placed on top or below a barcode symbol. The text can also be left-aligned,

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Bar Code 93 3.7: Print your own bar code 93 in Windows program on labels or your packaging
Bar Code 93 3.7

Bar code 93 is a popular alpha-numeric bar code. It will encode upper case letters, numbers, and some punctuation. These scalable bar code TrueType and PostScript fonts let you print a bar code from any Windows application. This package includes both standard and human readable versions of bar code 93 and each is available in six different aspect ratios, so you can control bar width independent of bar height. Want to print bar codes in Access, Excel

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ABarcode for Access 10.2.1: ABarcode lets you to print bar codes in your Access reports
ABarcode for Access 10.2.1

bar codes of several types in any report`s section and subreports. Check digits and start/stop codes are automatically computed and added. Symbols may be horizontal or vertical oriented, either fixed or automatically scaled filling a Text Box area. You only have to design a report, add text boxes containing the information you want to barcode, open the ABarCode add-in, add these text boxes to `Barcode fields`, and select the type of bar codes you

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